Advertising Disclaimer

Advertising Disclaimer

There is advertising on this site.

There’s no denying it, there’s advertising on this page and throughout this site. Some of the external links lead to products or services and when you purchase I may earn some commission.

Thank you if you do purchase something using one of my links as that can really make my day.

By laws all over the place, I am required to state I am biased. I tend to write about things I like. When I earn some commission by writing about stuff I like it’s a lovely bonus for me.

I encourage you to purchase things via my links. Please purchase items which you actually want and need.

I do not control your payment methods, you do! Buy things only if you have done your own due diligence.

When you purchase something via one of my links, I am not the supplier. Any problems with the item please contact the supplier directly. It is not me that can solve those problems. All I am doing is recommending things I like. I hope that is clear!

Affiliate Programs I Participate in and Recommend on this site.

I participate in a number of affiliate programs on this site. I do my best to make it clear which program relates to any item being recommended. For example, it will always be obvious if an item is available via Amazon by use of Amazon links and so on with the other programs.

I only promote items exclusively available via a particular program since then the different programs are not in competition with each other for that item. For example, when you follow a link to a ShareASale item, it is highly unlikely you will be able to find the exact same item on Amazon or Clickbank.

I sometimes recommend items from affiliate programs not listed here, however these are my main affiliate programs.

Here below are brief details about the main affiliate programs this site links to.

Amazon Associate

I participate in the Amazon Associate Program. You can see the Amazon Associate Program disclaimers in the footer of all pages of this site. These are usually physical products. As these are usually physical products. They are delivered to your address via post and courier services.


ClickBank is a large digital product marketplace. I occasionally promote items available via ClickBank. Usually these are digital products such as video training, ebooks, and other digitally accessed items and memberships. Digital products are often delivered either by direct download or through membership sites accessed online.


ShareASale are an Affiliate Marketing Network. I occasionally promote items available via ShareASale. These are usually physical products including accessories, household items such as lampshades or books. As these are usually physical products. They are delivered to your address via post and courier services.


If you have any queries about this advertising disclaimer or the affiliate programs, please get in touch via my contact form here.