Comfort Pet Dog Crate Mat and Nap Pad


Comfort Pet Dog Crate Mat

This Comfort Pet Dog Crate Mat and Nap Pad is X-Large, by Downtown Pet Supply

Ideal for crates, vehicles and home, this comfort crate and nap mat will take care of your pet.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Importantly these mats are machine washable, I don’t know about your dogs by my 2 really like to bring mud into the house and trample it around! Being able to wash these mats is so important to me, and I bet it is for you too.

Provides pets with an extra layer of support and warmth. Look no further than this plush, durable and high quality crate and nap mat to make your pet happy.




3 thoughts on “Comfort Pet Dog Crate Mat and Nap Pad

  1. Thin, light, soft – perfect! [Update March 21, 2016] I’m still using this mat daily and I’ve now added a second one, in the XL size. These are really nice to have around and I’m finding more uses for them. I can easily drop one in convenient spot in a room and the dog will go straight to it. I can step on or over these mats much more easily than I could with a full size dog bed. These also work great to give the dogs a familiar “place” to lay down in whenever we go to an unfamiliar environment. 

  2. Soft, well-made and comfortable dog mats My dogs love these mats so much I’ve bought multiples. They are soft, thick and relatively cheap compared to other mats of similar quality. I like that they are available in a variety of colors and are easy to throw in the washer. I keep a couple in the car for the dogs to sit on and to take out when we go to restaurants with them. I also keep a couple around the house as my dogs know targeting behaviors and will go to their mats on cue. I have a miniature dachshund and a 25lb terrier/shepherd mix. The medium size is good for both of them.

  3. This mat is the perfect size for the Midwest 18x12x14 crate This mat is the perfect size for the Midwest 18x12x14 crate. It’s made from micro fleece fabric and its very soft and the seams are very sturdy. I gave it 4 stars because the stuffing in it could be more thick and hearty. But it will do the job.

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