Pressure Activated Cooling Pet Bed self cooling pet pad


Pressure Activated Cooling Pet Bed

Pressure Activated Cooling Pet Bed – SelectPRESS Cooling Gel – Self Cooling Pet Pad – Chilly Dog Mat – Cooling Therapy – Helps Cool Overheated, Exhausted Dogs & Pets – Cooler than The Green Pet Shop

So, I have 2 border collies, and as soon as it get hot they are both doing their best to lie on the coldest floor in the house.  This pressure activated cooling pet bed would be a joy to them.

Your Dog Will Love the
Soothing Coolness & Cushioning Comfort Our Scientifically Designed
SelectPRESS Pet Cooling Mat. Conventional Dog Beds Absorb & Trap Your Dog’s Body Heat, Creating an Uncomfortable Hot Spot. These Hot Spots Cause Your Dog to Overheat & Search for Cool Spots On:

– Wooden Floors

– Shaded Concrete Surfaces

– Tile Flooring

Give Your Dog the Cooling Relief He or She Needs With Select Companion’s Scientifically Developed Cooling Mattress Pad! The 15″x11″ Inch Design May Not Sound Very Big, But It’s Cooling Sensation Starts in Your Dog’s Core & Transfers Throughout It’s Entire Body! Our Dog Cooling Mat is Perfect For Dogs of All Shapes & Sizes Including:

– Labrador Retrievers

– German Shepherds

– Bulldogs

– Beagles

– Boxers

– Poodles

– Pointers

– Chihuahuas

– Terriers

& Many More!

Our SelectPRESS Cooling Gel is Pre-Activated to Deliver an Instant Cooling Sensation for your best friend! Our Durable, Portable, Perfect Cooling Mat is Easy to Clean & Contains Non-Toxic Cooling Gel for Pets & Humans! Dogs Absolutely Love the SelectPRESS, But We Also Designed it For:

– Cats

– Hamsters

– Birds

– Ferrets

& Your Other Favorite Friends!

Our Cooling Mat Not Only Reduces Exhaustion & Overheating, but It is also recommended by Top Rated Veterinarians to Help Reduce & Treat:

– Pain

– Aches

– Heatstroke

– Stress

– Epilepsy

– Seizures

– Skin Conditions

– Allergiex

– Cushing’s Disease

– Hip Dysplasia

& Old Age

Buy Your Dog the Cooling Mechanism it Deserves & Show it Some Love!




3 thoughts on “Pressure Activated Cooling Pet Bed self cooling pet pad

  1. Dog loves it, great for carryons, can even be used by people. IT gets up top around 20 Degrees cooler, stays cool. Length:: 2:22 Mins 

  2. Dog and Cat Love It Living in Florida means hanging out in the heat outside. Our dog and cat both enjoy the patio when the family is swimming or cooking out, but often we are worried about them overheating. i had gotten this bed with my dog in mind, but as you can see from the picture, it’s pretty small for my dog. She’s 50lbs, lab-pit mix, but still she tries to sit and lay on it, so it’s obviously working. The cat, who is under 10 pounds, also loves it when the dog isn’t on it. We will definitely be buying another one of these so that they don’t have to share!I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  3. My dog loves it My furbaby is a giant furball! The poor thing gets hot easily and she’s hot sometimes when I am freezing. I am a good dog mommy and I will layer up on my clothes to turn the fan on for her. I try to be accommodating for her and provide her ways to cool down but she isn’t the smartest dog and doesn’t go to the cooler areas or lay by the fan. 

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