WooPet Pet Food Mat Cat or Dog Feeding Mat


WooPet Pet Food Mat Cat or Dog Feeding Mat

WooPet Pet Food Mat 24″x16″ Gray Extra Large, Premium Silicone Food Safe Cat or Dog Feeding Mat

Hope pet food mat can solve certain problems so you can spend more hours with your loved pets, although WooPet! is small and young company.

TIPS FOR USE Avoid your dog to chew it up, train dog to accustom new item.

Leave at least 3 inch from bowl to mat edge.

Dishwasher safe, or clean by wet towel.

DESIGN STORY 24 x 16 inch is finally confirmed, it fits 99% elevated dog feeders and pet bowls on the market. Save money for extra dimension and wrong-size purchases.

Higher up the side edge is a good way to solve spilling issue. Our 0.55 inch raised side lip performs well in our testing, and higher than other food mat for pet.

Stylish big bumps on mat, they trap feeder fix on placement, small bumps and heavy duty ensure the entire mat stand firmly.




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